Work Day Update! (sorry it’s so late)

Thank you!!!

I’m always amazed, humbled, and filled with gratitude by the community support we receive. Thank you to all who showed up and helped us with this event!

We moved onto this property in 2005, and I have always enjoyed the privilege of landscaping it the way we want. I am also used to working alone. I am not particularly fond of telling people what to do, I usually end up doing a majority of the labor alone. I am not complaining, this is my happy space. I often joke that Lee is the gardener and I am the landscaper. I thrive working hard in our yard. It is quiet, full of birds and trees, and I have my best thoughts while digging, hauling, weeding, planting, etc.

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, we invited our community of families to a work day. We were blessed to have 28 individuals of all ages and abilities helping! I can’t list every one of them, but we are so grateful for their hard work and support. I  am not the best foreman, but everyone was so helpful and found something to do.

  • We moved the mud kitchen to make room for a new one, which arrived Monday morning.
  • We moved wood chips and completed our entire Nature Trail, which is at least a couple hundred yards of trail. This is no small task!
  • There was a huge amount of litter on the corner of our property which borders an apartment complex parking lot. We removed 10 large trash bags of trash and significant number of larger miscellaneous items! It looks so much better!
  • We were gifted with two arborvitae shrubs that were around 8 feet tall! A mother/daughter duo planted them!
  • We have two large, raw hickory planks that will become counters under our shelter, and they got their first round of sanding.

Thanks to each of you for helping us on this work day!

~Mr. Jay

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