Wish List

Little Schoolhouse in the Woods is a non profit outdoor early education program based in Cincinnati. If you would like to help support us, please click on the Donate link below or read about some of the volunteer opportunities and our Wish List. Thank you!


We are always looking for ways to improve how we are able to offer access to nature and the outdoors for early childhood. It requires a lot of work, space and maintenance. If you want to help us in our mission to offer access to quality outdoor early education, check out our wish list below and consider fulfilling one or more of the items. Thanks!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have  a particular skill or knowledge that you think would be useful, please contact us at littleschoolhouseinthewoods@gmail.com and let us know!

We are currently in need of non-profit accounting help. If you or someone you know is trained in Quickbooks for nonprofits or can help with nonprofit accounting, please let us know!

There is always a need for tree work, landscaping, etc.


We are always in need of quality wood chips for our trails. Let us know when you’ll be dropping off, and we’ll make sure there’s room!

Gravel. We could always use more gravel! We prefer the 1/2 inch limestone chips from J’s Mulch, 513-574-8049, but the crushed limestone works, too. Got another type? Contact us, we could probably find a use for it!

Play sand. Yes, the children love it, and we are grateful for every little bag you bring.

Native plants, flowers and shrubs. The children will learn a lot and have a blast planting and watching them grow!