Gratitude Page

We want to recognize and thank the following people for supporting outdoor education!

Cate O’Hara
Carrie Esposito
Christoper Harrison
Keisha McGill
Katie Waits
Laura Grace-Cox
Colleen Stevenson
Maria Wellman
Erin Kirkpatrick
Casey Lang
Andy Williamson

We are so full of gratitude for the support of our community! As we prepared for the new school year, we ran into obstacles to our vision of the classroom. One such obstacle was a storage solution for our students this coming fall. We have outgrown our current cubby system and were brainstorming ideas. We found a system of wooden cubbies with plastic bins at Ikea that met our needs and our vision, but the cost was outside of the budget.

Our friend, (and a parent of an alumni and a current student) Casey Lang, took it upon herself to help us raise the funds. After she took the initiative and sent out the request, we were amazed to hear that our community pitched in and helped us out!

Thank you so much! It means the world to us that you are supportive of our endeavor to bring outdoor education to children in Cincinnati!

Here is a picture of the cubbies after I set them up:

The money to buy three sets was donated by the generous parents!

Thank you, SCORE!

We’d like to express gratitude for our Greater Cincinnati SCORE mentor, Jim Maltry, for meeting with us multiple times and helping us get our ByLaws written, a Board assembled, and offering advice and next steps for creating a non-profit corporation. Thank you, Jim!

Shout out for play equipment!

A special shout out to Chris Leonard for donating a vintage Montgomery Ward boat and plastic tunnels for our outdoor play space! Thank you!!

UPDATE!! Thanks again, Chris, for the 2 tons of gravel! Generously donated to the school, this gravel will be useful in many landscaping projects around the play space, as well as becoming a part of our sand, mud, and gravel play areas.

Gratitude for Trail Maintenance Help

We’d like to thank tree services Out On A Limb and The Canopy Crew for delivering wood chips for our trails. This is a huge help in maintaining high traffic areas that would otherwise be a muddy mess without the wood chips. We can never have too many wood chips because they wash away and decompose. Thanks, guys!