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Little Schoolhouse in the Woods in the Winter

Early Childhood Education in the Great Outdoors!

Early childhood education is the beginning of many years of schooling for a child. Before a child can sit down to formal learning we feel that it is important to develop the social emotional health of a child. We want to help children build a mental resiliency. In outdoor education a young child is pushed to find their grit, to endure all sorts of weather, terrain, all while playing in the magic of nature. While children are learning to collaborate with their peers, work through conflict, and share ideas, we have found that it is much easier outside. Being in nature, for all ages, reduces anger, fear, stress and increases a feeling of calm. We have observed young children advance in their motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and agility. We also spend a lot of time observing the changes in the natural world around us, which help children to start using their observation skills and reasoning. Outdoor education respects childhood while offering the same early education aspects as a traditional classroom setting.

by Lee Hamzy

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